From Discovery to Delivery: A Fully Integrated LNG Infrastructure

Founded in 2011, Pieridae Energy is developing a fully integrated LNG infrastructure business covering the entire LNG value chain, from exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas to the development and operation of a complete LNG terminal.

The Goldboro LNG terminal project consists of an LNG processing facility, storage tanks and marine works located in Nova Scotia (Canada).

With its acquisition of resources in New Brunswick to its merger with Pétrolia, Pieridae is building a long-term portfolio of natural gas to supply the Goldboro LNG Project.

The target markets for the LNG produced at the Goldboro LNG project are Europe, South America and Asia.

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Doing Business The Right Way

Pieridae conducts its every operation in a socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

The company and its employees are committed to giving back to the communities in which it lives and work.

It also committed to adopting and implementing environmental stewardship strategies that minimize its ecological footprint, thus ensuring the best possible future for all Canadians.

Pieridae’s every action are guided by a fair and strict code of business ethics focusing on honesty, ethics and accountability in all our dealing with our business partners, investors, government entities and the general public.

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